And just another mention: I’m trying to reproduce, examine with more details on similar configuration, similar controller and OS version, because this controller previously tested with other OSes, not Win R2 x64 you use. To be honest, I’m not surprised If you want to be transparent, display it for everybody in order people to be aware that something is wrong and HDS is not working as expected. As I already said, as time exist a driver “claimed” to work for w2k bit version, we should give it a try. So, consider it as a bug report, no matter if is full version or trial, starting from 4. Could be the one used for 64 bit OS vista, win7 or

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And last but not least, I want to address many thanks for hdsentinel for his dedication and his work. I just did not allow posts of an user who was unfair.

Thanks anyway for suggestion and you efforts. Rais for the report, yes, I checked and see. But has no information about the “raw” communication between the controller and the software.

VIA V-RAID Driver 6.10A

Could be the one used for 64 bit OS vista, win7 or And unpacked today v5. The robust rackmount enclosure was designed specifically to protect and maintain Redundant RAID configurations in the most high-stress working environments, and ensure data remains online even in the case of hardware failure.


Please check this page and locate the VIA specific driver package: So indeed is a bug, but not in HDS. Thank you for your 642 and for your efforts, you are doing here a very good job by creating this piece of software and offering quality support for it. Your assumption is correct.

It has been required to run in console hdsentinel. The answer is NO. I do not really think EXE and raif “Run as administrator”. I am wondering if is really true For the other drive the S. You posted here a simple HTML user report, which is excellent for the user as it contains all details of the hard disks. The same, only one disk.

Previously you did not send developer report. Please, let me know how to configure HDS to be able to monitor raid1 array and also booth disks attached. Not clear for me if you suggest to install 32bit or 64bit version of vista drivers.

Download VIA V-RAID Software Package – MajorGeeks

If things do not work as expected, it can and should be corrected of course. The RocketStor TS solution delivers uncompromised reliability and data protection for high-density storage applications.


Did not tested on W Server, but probably this driver will work there too even viatech. The second one disk GB and also resulted raid1 array is not displayed or monitored at all!!! In case you did not receive it, I am attaching here now.

It looks like the issue is not a bug, but it is because the operating rxid moved on since the driver for VT was made. To be honest, I’m not surprised Then enable “Advanced” and click “Next”. Best wishes, VIA Tech.

Advanced Management Features allow customers to configure Email notification to inform one or more users of changing storage conditions while outside of the work environment, and manage storage remotely via a local network connection. I’ve suppose you are referring to 64bit version, right?

Normally, if working on w2k bit version, it should work on w2k8-r bit