Lol, sry for asking so much. However, the person who owns the system provided some additional info to me in the last few days. No sound in Windows http: Microsoft Widnows and Windows XP 4. So, no matter what kind of device driver software I tried installing, the analog output was totally dead electrically.

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Customizations Update ForteMedia microphone effect library. Jay Hansjee Replied on June 2, But of course the digital audio output is completely separate, and was most likely unaffected by the short on the analog output line.

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Change warning message for upgrade driver ChCfg. Jul 7, at 5: But none of the suggestions I’ve seen seem relevant to my particular situation.

Post 4 of 6. No sound in Windows: No sound in Windows http: You would not necessarily have to remove the sound card in your computer – they can act independently of each other, just set the output of your music player to the DAC and you would be set. Like in your case, the digital output seems to work, and none of the others do – despite saying they are ‘working properly’. It may also occur due to damaged drivers, incompatible drivers, sound settings, missing updates and issues with the sound card.


Realtek sound drivers for ALC and Windows 7 32bit

Im having the exact same problem 2 years in the future and was wondering if you managed to sole what I cannot. Downloaded the following audio driver file: Depending on the quality of the digital to analog conversion, the audio reproduced may have a plethora of problems.

Oh wow, thx for your informative reply! It sees only the Digital Output. But we did notice some hissing.

But no, nothing worked. Customizations Update SRS components. There really isn’t that much more to be had out of a sound card like that – internal sound cards are good upgrades, to a point, but in the end they just don’t stand up to dedicated DAC units.

But if you’re just looking for something to get started, the uDAC is great because that can act as an amplifier itself and as a DAC later if you or he want s a dedicated headphone amplifier later on. In reply to Ratandeep’s post on July 12, And I previously opened the case to confirm that the front and rear jacks appeared to be solidly connected to the motherboard.


Tell us about your experience with our site. Hi Ratandeep, Thanks for the reply. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Device Manager continued to show that the Realtek device was “working properly”.

Realtek driver for ALC888 and Windows 7 32bit

Then you should look in the computer documentation for the information on the other ports. Fix recording issue for ALC Customizations Update directsound acceleration engine for XP driver. So, assuming that you have an available expansion slot inside the case, I would get an internal sound card, rather than an external USB device.

And I noticed on my sound card X-Fi Titanium has 2 extra “digital” outputs. The uDAC is a product by nuforce, and is excellent if you can afford it.

Microsoft Windows and Windows XP 4.