Retrieved from ” https: Indicates other index types. The following special syntaxes are defined for cName, sName, tName, and tableType of SQLTables to support the catalogs, schema, and the list of table types: We always appreciate your comments and suggestions. After 20 years as a closed source database, Altibase is now open source. The fromPosition argument should not exceed target LOB at the time of calling. Otherwise, the ODBC passes through the end of the buffer and saves the data.

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For each column to be bound, the applicatoin performs the following procedures. It begins at 1.

This buffer is allocated by an application and set by SQLFetch. This function does not support returning primary keys from multiple tables in a single call. Then, the env value will be sent to all functions that require the environment handles as input values. The following figure briefly shows how works array binding.

The number of columns in the current calling is smaller than the number of columns in the previous calling. It replaces the data for forLength from fromPosition with the data for valueLength in the value buffer. Media Contact Company Name: Transition from one phase to the next phase is made through transmission of proper handles to send information about the execution results from the previous phase.


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Description This function is used to diagnose the execution result for an error. All parameters must be bound before SQLExecute is called. Depending on the Attribute, the Value will be either a bit unsigned integer or a pointer indicating the Nullterminator string.

SQLDriverConnect Connects to a specific driver by connection string or requests that the Driver Manager and driver display connection dialog boxes for the user.

This further lowers its cost of ownership since POSCO does not need to purchase an in-memory and a disk-resident database separately. The grantee can insert new rows to the table.

Otherwise, the ODBC cuts out the data. This function can be called after the result set creation phase.

Database clients

In this case, the row fetched buffer will be set to 0. If no default value was specified, this column is NULL.

It can be called multiple times to retrieve variable-length altkbase in parts SQLGetData will be called for each column, and SQLFetch will be called to retrieve one or more rows: Because stmt performing SQLExecute first indicates to generate result set.

After 20 years as a closed source database, Altibase is now open source. Can you see this?



The grantee can refer to the columns of the table with the limited conditions. An application must not apply any returned data to this string. Odcb identified col value is higher than the alitbase of columns in the result set. Depending on an application, when its result set is used, a further check is performed to see if there is more result left.

If a target locator is not the LOB locator opened during the current transaction, it cannot be used as an argument for this function.


When connection is not established due to other problems such as communication failure An application can use the databasec to request another Alttibase after successfully calling SQLDisconnect. The warning status records applied to the function must be returned before the status records are applied to each row.

You can use functions available to general binary and character type except functions for LOB. A possibly empty result set will be created. Get the number of affected rows. Altibase ” Digital Times February 7,