Here’s a fairly simple one: If the cable wiring diagram given at this page is accurate, then it’s basically just pins 2,3, and ground. So we disconnect everything and then drain any residual power from the device. As to finding a serial port, put out a couple of dollars for a serial-USB adapter and plug it into a nearby server or your laptop to gain control. Let us know if you have any further issues. Because we inhereted the UPS unit, this smart-signalling cable is nowhere to be found. Then, turn off the UPS and unplug it.

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USB to serial adapter

The documented pinout looks like a simple null-modem cable swapping the TX and RX pins: Note that given that it’s RS, it’s unlikely that you’d break anything if you got it wrong anyway – is pretty robust. The UPS unit uses an AP network card, but also has what looks to be a serial smar for terminal use putty is awesome.

Upon launching Powerchute business edition 8.

Because we inhereted the UPS unit, this smart-signalling cable is nowhere to be found. There are no forums in this space. Is APC’s smart-signaling cable really proprietary?

What communications cable is needed with my Smart-UPS and PowerChute Business Edition?

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. I have installed the Prolific to USB serial currently using com port 6. Chad Harrison 3, 10 22 This is the C model: We have a UPS unit for which we recently configured to work on our network.


Long story short, I was able to configure network adapter using telnet. Should i source a laptop with serial port and connect a standard DB9 cable to the cable and re-test?

Here is the rear of the UPS: The documented pinout looks like a simple null-modem cable swapping the TX and RX pins:. Hi – Just managed to test the UPS following the ‘braindead’ procedure but no joy!

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For whatever reason, when we reboot our machine that we had configured for auto-shutdown with our UPS unit, the NIC on the UPS seemingly just dropped it’s IP configuration still trying to figure that one out. Alternatively, you can leave the battery disconnected for minutes and it will happen as well.

However, I have here in hand a Cisco YC Cable that looks like it could work, but I am having hard time trying to find the wire configuration to see if they would match up. Cable type is shielded 28AWG. Not sure if you want to use that instead of sedial. Also, the USB to serial adapter requires a driver by Prolific – have you installed this? And instead of using a PC with a serial port, I would advise simply getting one of the PLbased USB-to-serial adapter cables – they work well for managing serial console stuff with nearly every OS released within the last 10 years.


APC USB to Serial Db9 Rs-232 Smart Signaling Cable 940-0272

The only thing that seperates me from the UPS unit is 48p switch, so there shouldn’t be any network filtering within the same subnet. I have read that USB to serial may not work with some models although the cable shipped with the device? Then, turn off the UPS and unplug it. I need to test using a laptop with serial port connection i imagine.

Do you see the device listed in device manager assuming this is Windows? NickW 9, 1 12 StruxureWare for Data Centers. Serkal by Schneider Electric shall have no responsibility for the accuracy, correctness sgnaling objectionable nature of any user-submitted content, and disclaims any and all liability arising from or related to your use of the website.

For this UPS, then you have to disconnect the battery on it and you can hold down the off button for seconds so we can discharge the UPS completely and ultimately do the braindead. Well, to begin, 9. Now smart signalling should work.