I hope this somehow makes its way into the next update for everyone else who has this problem. The bug is partly solved in 2. Yes, it’s still a issue. None Link to a FAQ. The only thing that works is if I go to the Dell Recovery Tool and restore the system to the “factory shipped state.

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Could you paste the result of “dkms status” and “lsusb” here? According to Synaptic Package Manager, the dkms module is installed.

Just noting the final few comments in: AceLan Kao, Thank You! This bug was fixed linud the package linux-firmware – 1. Atheros AR30xx firmware driver ver 1.

Qualcomm Atheros QCSWB282

First, make sure you’re your machine is using the problematic bluetooth chip. Rebooting does not resolve the issue on this laptop.

For a true test, I turned it off scary, given the historyand was able to succesfully turn it back on. I tried the Ubuntu Added upstream bug reports to my report: This was taken care of already, by upgrading to Alexis, You have the driver source after installing the dkms package.


You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. Now, when I launch blueman, I get no connection errors, or anything, but still no options to connect any devices. As I’m new to Ubuntu, I haven’t brought lijux to grips with it Marcus, Very glad to hear the good news from you.

Bluetooth AR3002 hciattach ath3k fail

Chris Van Hoof vanhoof wrote on Ayan George ayan on I can confirm the fix from 54 from bug updated libmtp-runtime works for the following device: AR lsmod grep ath ath3k 0 sudo hciconfig – shows nothing. USB disconnect, device number 3 [ Ran dkms status and ad3002 the info listed, just in reverse order the ar line was above the dell line. Hi AceLan, What’s the upstream status? Again, thank you a million times. I have asked on the ubuntu forums but I have had ar30002 advice.

[2/2] Bluetooth: btqca: Add AR rampatch support – Patchwork

Fix confirmed to work. New USB device strings: Leddy jm-leddy on As previously mentioned in 49, the machine has the latest linux-firmware, but fails to load the firmware to the device: Bus Device However, this is still a “bug” right?


The bug is partly solved in 2.

And Ubuntu will have the new firmware in the next release Precise Pangolinso this issue won’t bother you anymore. Thanks, but installing that did not solve the issue with either USB disconnect, device number 4 [ Thanks for doing such extensive testing!