Thu Mar 15, 5: Yep, in spite of my recently having put in a newer CMOS battery, the battery was low. What did you change in the bios? A quick tip helped me avoid that “unknown error” and get the Intel chipset drivers installed. Define the content of the pm-notification here. We’re all here to have fun and learn from each other! Fri Mar 23, 4:

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There are a lot of users, who just want to get the latest version of everything, no matter whether it is useful or not.

It craps out with “unknown error”. Windows 10 will launch in Safe Mode. See my comment above. This post does not match the desired netiquette of the Forum.

AHCI on P5Q Pro & Samsung | Overclockers UK Forums

Cheers Wazza, will give it a go when I get home. Worst thing is, aahci I was successful some time ago, another PC but same mainbord, cpu and XP-installation. Have you installed upto date drivers too?

Then I do the same for controller 2, confirm installation Sat Mar 17, 3: And so far pretty happy but would really appreciate if anyone has any knowledge or solutions with the few problems I’m still experiencing: I just did updates twice in the last couple of days.


Your regedit changes confirmed the use of the generic IDE driver named pciide. Jan 8, Posts: The FB-Patcher did not work completely.

Asus P5QE – won’t boot in AHCI mode

Mon Mar 12, 2: Asus P5Q deluxe Wed Feb 04, 6: My bios ket’s mBios: Can’t leave my desktop on without shutting off sleep mode, or it goes to sleep and I can’t wake it up. I was on a 17Gb partition and it sucked cause I could not asys windows 7 anymore, now 25Gb which I thought was overkill. This actually sounds like a firmware issue I’ve seen with certain recent combinations of Dell laptops and Samsung drives.

Asus P5Q deluxe Fri Feb 13, Tried changing Sata port on the motherboard and reflashing the bios, no luck. Okay, another day or two has allowed me to gain some perspective on this.

I just want to make sure I don’t have a bad drive, and wait until the warranty period ahcj over to find out. It sounds as if Windows is expecting to boot in IDE mode. But the fans were on at least normal or higher RPM. Wed Mar 21, Yep, in spite of my recently having put in a newer CMOS battery, the battery was low. Can you post a screenshot from l5q Disk Management and the “phantom” drive?


Forum – Specific: Intel AHCI/RAID Drivers ยป asus P5Q SE – change to AHCI in XP

It is still reporting a pending update, but not doing it. Aug 12, Posts: If I remember right, I installed at the beginning an exe-file driver for AHCI that end with the message “installation successful”. Asuw Mar 26, 7: I followed the Nlite guide and I’m trying to update the files found in the Asus chipset install utillity: