There is a mapped Ethernet frame format that is comparable to the Ethernet packets sent and received by the Ethernet controllers. Packets transmitted do not include the size field. The Ethernet format specifies a two-byte protocol type field followed by an optional length field. The devices are supported only on Integrity server systems. The Sn contains the segment identifier for the hop.

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If the ELAN is defined in the permanent database, these settings take affect at boot time. Protocol types and PIDs are usually nonshareable; however, an application may benefit from a shared protocol implementation. This includes the Ethernet header, the user data, and the CRC.

This allows a single packet coming into the controller to be duplicated and passed to each port on the controller that has the group SAP enabledassuming the packet has a DSAP value that is a group SAP.

The shared-default mode is the default user of a shared protocol type or PID. For FDDI, each port using a controller may specify its own unique physical address. Sign up using Facebook.

ATMELAN Drivers Download

The following sequence shows a typical application sequence, to start a port, do transmits and receives, then shut down a port:. Multicast address—A multi-destination address of one or more nodes on a given LAN. If the system or network manager has a requirement regarding mapping of the functional addresses, atmelna LAN control program LANCP utility may be used to manage the mapping.


Start up the port with the set mode function and startup function modifier see Section 9. Post as a guest Name. The E format uses the Amelan IEEE packet formats accepted for a port depend on the service enabled on that port. All SAPs are 8 bits long.

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The PAD parameter directs the LAN drivers to place a data-size field in the packet between the standard header and the user data.

The user-supplied packet format is the generic packet format as specified in the IEEE Ethernet,and E. Normally, one armelan out of the assigned block of physical addresses is permanently associated with each controller usually in read-only memory.

Previous Next Contents Index. It uses two of the four pairs of wires to provide full-duplex communication. The least significant bit of the first byte of a physical address is 0. Within the key above inspect each subkey , etc looking for the adapter description in the Connection key Name string ; you will delete the whole key once the steps below are taken. This section describes each LAN device, giving a list of device variants and device characteristics.


This is degice exchange identification command. The exclusive mode is the default if no access mode is supplied as a P2 fevice parameter. Whenever an Ethernet user at a particular station starts an Ethernet port, that user must specify the protocol type to be used on that port.

LAN I/O Architecture

The device name for the Emulated LAN is: The default setting is auto-negotiation. Devicw “shared-default” user receives all messages for the shared PID, but not for any of the “shared-with-destination” users. Because most OpenVMS LAN applications use standard multicast addresses, a mechanism has been designed to map functional addresses to globally and locally administered multicast addresses.

Used mainly for backbones by connecting Fast Ethernet repeaters placed around a building. When an application starts a port, it specifies the protocol type to be used on that port.