If you use the mosfet driver, the output duty cycle is inverted. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. Another thing it could be is you have a loose connection somewhere so I recommend soldering each connection in the circuit together so you know good contact is being made. If you use the flyback transformer to power a small SGTC, then the audio modulation will not get through and if it does, it will only be very short burst and nowhere near audio modulation quality. Pin 4 and 8 are connected while pin 4 receives 12v. Yes it is a flyback transformer i have been using.

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If you want to audio modulate with a ZVS driver, you will have to build a way more complicated amplifier to modulate the supply voltage moduated the ZVS driver is self oscillating.

December 23, at Yes, I’ve done it a few times as per Grenadiers link There you’ll find the link to my videos. Posted November 21, Do you think that is something that would work and translate all the way to the final tesla output?


Can you audio modulate a ZVS flyback driver? / High Voltage / Forums –

I also am using a garden lead acid Baterry. November 25, at I’ve been wanting to build one for years but never got around to it, mostly due to the difficulty in finding a NST here.

November 4, at You’ve got a good start there though. Is it possible to use a 2n I live in a very rural area so online shopping is not available, the electronic shop takes a month or so to restock their parts. October 3, at Sorry, I forgot one thing more, that configuration of the schematic it fflyback not a pure pwm because the frequency is modified too aucio the control voltage pin of the number 5 Use a pure pwm configutarion, why?

Mads BarnkobSorry I was having a dumb moment and I can see my mistake looking back now! So, what can be aidio problem here? October 6, at Everything else it the same as your schematic. I’v been eyeing kits of these for quite a bit now. Starting Simple With Homemade Electronics?


I can do experiments with an arc! December 31, at You then just feed an audio signal into the V side.

555 Audio modulated flyback

Their bases to the and their emitters to the gate resistor remove gate resistor? The basic building doesn’t seem to be to difficult, but there is a controlling circuit that I don’t completely understand. Hey, awesome design btw.

December 12, fllyback AAhhhh and put a switch in the main mosfet gate for activate it after the is stabiliced and running, why? They are deserving of my most heartfelt thanks. It would be so cool if this worked! November 2, at Joined Jan 14, Messages 1, Likes Points This is in the low end for a monitor flyback so further improvements will be adding zve potentiometer to adjust frequency to match the resonant frequency of the flyback.

March 13, at I think I have found the problem. Thank you for this.