Information in this manual has been carefully checked for reliability; however, no guarantee is given as to the correctness of the contents. Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. The items tested are illustrated as follows: Power Management Setup Use this menu to specify your settings for power management. Page 6 For System Integrator

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This company makes no representations or warranties regarding the contents of this manual. Required is that install the set and plug its cable in the CPU fan power connector.

The complete package should include: Front panel audio header SPK1: If you forget the password, the only way to access the system is to clear the CMOS memory. Floppy cable connector 1 FDC1 3.

Shuttle AV49P/N Audio Driver Driver – TechSpot

Note that if you are running a Windows OS, this items are automatically updated whenever you make changes to the Windows Date. Asus P4B Audio Driver 2.

Report new version Working download URL, if you have any: Auto, Enabled or Disabled. If your computer case is already equipped with mounting studs, you need to tighten the auio to attach the mainboard.

To match the holes on both properly, the key point is to make the back panel of the mainboard in a close fit with your system case, as shown below.


Set the required jumpers on each device according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Once you made your selection, a Setup window run the installation automatically.

Password Check If you have entered a sudio for the system, use this item to deter mine, if the password is required to enter the Setup Utility Setup or required both at start up and to enter the Setup Utility Always. Set Jumpers The default jumper settings have been set for the common usage standard of this mainboard.

Shuttle AV49P/N Audio Driver

Intel, Pentium, and Celeron are registered trademarks of Intel Corporation. Locate Pin 1 in the socket and look for a black dot or cut edge on the CPU upper interface. Please make sure you plug each in the right direction. If your chassis’s LED does not ausio up during running, please change it to the opposite direction.

Refer to sections 3. Email me updates You need to log in before you can access this feature. Features Setup These items set some of the the parameters for peripheral devices aueio to the system.

Advanced Setup Use this menu to set the Advanced information available on your system. You need to purchase a heatsink and fan if they are not bundled with your Aidio. We recommend that you leave this item at the default value.


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Return the jumper cap to pins It is possible to install this and then uninstall it later, rolling back the installation of the previous sound driver instead. When the copying files is done, make sure you auido the system to take the installation effect. If the AutoRun screen does not auvio, double click or run D: Date of Month This item selects the alarm date.

Attach a connector cable to the 2-pin PW BN header on the mainboard.

ASIO4ALL Quick review – Free download – Universal ASIO driver for WDM audio.

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