It created an administrative nightmare. Im going with Microsoft DPM next time around. Otherwise it really can be luck of the draw, also your area plays a big role. I’m working on improving it and had been looking at upgrading to but I still need to upgrade the real server before upgrading the backup solution for the virtual servers. Do you ever come to FSU for career fairs? In previous versions of Backup Exec if a single server had errors in backup job the entire job would fail. It would save users hours of repetitive admin work and address some human flaw.

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Backup Exec Virtual File Filter (VFF) driver must – VOX

Why does Backup Exec give such cryptic errors? Keep an eye out for more of these events. VFF reg key not found. Registry modifications should only be carried-out by persons experienced in the use of the registry editor application.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. It can create a ton of clutter, the only way to get rid of the clutter is deleting jobs and selection lists, there is nothing scarier then realizing a job was accidentally deleted weeks after you expected it was running. Support Knowledge Base When the slf files are imported in Backup Exec the agent for application and databases will be greyed out but this would get activated Internally with the SBS License.


Understood – At the moment we are only able to provide information about the Beta dates.

VFF Open Failure. This can be caused by low memory |

You have to set your retention settings to an appropriate amount of time. It a GUI nightmare. A group of existing customers are ticked we messed with the UI they were familiar with. That feature was implemented in BE I appreciate the challenges in providing support for anythinglet alone a product like BE, so thanks for any insight on this topic that you can share. This is evidenced by backkup fact that we have yet to release support for Windows and vSphere 5.

I’m on Backup Exec R3 and vSphere 5. Thanks for the link, I’ve seen the Beta info, and even sighed up, but, it doesn’t help with me trying to road map an implementation timeline. Click the Advanced tab.

We are working with those customers to bring back some of the tech they miss. They also want the jobs monitor backuup.

We’re out here talking to folks because we want to make sure we take care of what they ask us to. Over its time xeec my MSP though we have purchased it for hundreds of other companies, and over that time we have had zero issues resolved by Symantec support same goes for Endpoint Protection so much 0212 that that we just don’t bother ringing anymore because we’ve lost all confidence.


WTF were you guys thinking with the interface on ?

Here are some helps for backing up multiple servers with 201 we do, I started as an intern. Backing up VM’s the same way you do physical is not the way to go. I went over to look at it and at the same time a popup came up from Norton that said.

In this case new users love it generally.

backup exec 2012 error

It met with universal disdain from all of my engineers. Attempting to bypass this rule by adding a? You cant have the appliance rxec the software so they will both continue.

But, by staying close to customers on Connect, Reddit, social, etc.

Are they all accurate complaints? You need to apply through your school. In the System startup area, click Edit. Relieved that we didn’t waste all that money on renewing the same thing.