Is detected, scanning may not work, try without calibration, use override “mustek-scanexpressusb”. So I just did evrything like described above but with PS1Gfw. I don’t remember whether or not this line under Debian. You may need to add “gt68xx” to dll. White background means that I don’t have reports. For most Mustek scanners the firmware can be downloaded from the status section.

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I don’t have permission to provide firmware files from other vendors, however. That means that most features are implemented, but some bugs are remaining. Don’t ask questions about Windows drivers. Thanks for the tutorial, it was very useful.

I provide links to the files themselves wherever possible. Most of the times, operating systems apply a generic driver that allows computers to recognize the scanner and benefit from its basic scan functions. If you still have problems after doing all this, try to change de the. Thanks to Mustek for providing the firmware files and answering questions.

If it complains about not finding the firmware, check gt68xx. Most scanners should work with sane-backends 1. Liunx may need to create this directory.


However, as the kernel scanner driver has been removed from Linux I will only describe how to use the scanner with libusb. I don’t remember whether or not this line under Debian. See also the section about bugs that are present for all scanners.

mustek bearPaw 1200 cu plus free software?

Uncomment the right override for your scanner in gt68xx. Untested but is reported to have the same ids as the Artec Ultima I’ve downloaded the file but don’t understand ” Drop to a shell, cd to oinux directory you downloaded it to and issue the following commands Calibration is not available, area selection is limited – positioning does currently not work. I’m no longer active in developing SANE drivers.

I have exactly the same scanner as the one mentioned in this article. This will help if you installed an incorrect or mismatched driver. I can’t help you with this operating system.

Mustek Products – BearPaw CU Plus II

The firmware files were provided by Mustek. There was not the line for smaller scans, for example, 10×15 photo if we put them where the line does not across.


As of April,this is still useful! Once you have installed the backend, have a look at man sane-gt68xx for backend-specific information and man sane-usb for general USB information, e. Only there is a vertical clear line runing through every scan I do just left of the center of the scan.

For most Mustek scanners the firmware can be downloaded from the status section. You should also perform a system reboot to make sure that all changes take effect properly. You really need the firmware file for your specific scanner. Hearpaw because I kept getting No such file or directory message while running xsane. Mustek SCSI scanners are supported by the mustek backend. Done everything like described above on linux mint Thanks for the tutorial.

That being said, click the download button, get and apply the package, and enjoy all features that the device will benefit from.