Callaway Diablo Octane iMix Driver That driver had some real pop! Project X graphite, S-flex. Unlike the type of carbon fibers we’re used to seeing that are weaved together, the Forged Composite material is actually mechanically liquefied, pressed and bonded together for better shape manipulation and also for greater strength. It was the entrance of the oversized metalwood that defied convention in terms of shape, materials and volume. But we will say that, for some reason, our mis-hits tended to fly more to the left than to the right.

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Great shaping; exceptional feel and control and distance. Shaft Model Project X Black 5. By submitting a review you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions. Callaway Diablo Octane 9. Either way, both drivers have demonstrated that carbon-crowned clubheads are bona-fide long-drive clubs that, in our opinion, are among the most forgiving we’ve ever hit.

The Octane Diablo has a plastic and rubber exterior that is easy to hold. Any alignment aids on a black driver can really help. When the laser is done firing, the last distance will continue to be displayed in the viewfinder for an additional eight seconds until the device powers off. Those interested in rangefinders specifically from Callaway but are looking to add slope-adjusted distances will want to check out our review of the Callaway idTECH.


With the Diablo Octane Tour, the ball flew in a high but much more boring trajectory than the standard model—making it ideal for big hitters with faster-than-average swing speeds.

Again, no alignment aid on the Tour version; inch shaft is a little whippy. And that folks, is just the beginning”. The Diablo Octane Tour however is primed to be a real long-drive competitor with its deep-face design and penetrating trajectory.

Callaway Diablo Octane The laser will continue to fire for eight seconds, allowing the player to pan across multiple targets and receive updated distance readings distance readings are solid when displayed and update at approximately the same rate regardless of distance. This is also the maximum time the laser will continue to be fired, regardless of how long you actually hold the fire button down.

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There is no question that users should be targeting either the flag, or, if visible, the ground go,f the hole, when firing the laser. As with many rangefinders, there is a slight tint to the display that makes the display slightly darker, though not enough to significantly impact visibility. Callaway Diablo Octane Driver Buying more than one item?.

The Octane is the best driver ever made. This is the iMix version. Item has never been played! Like the RAZR driver, the new Octane big boy features the forged composite material which is the lightest and strongest Callaway have ever used.


With the standard model, the Diablo Octane had a larger toe region a common spot where amateurs mis-hit and a large alignment aid on the crown that shows the Forged Composite material. Project X graphite, S-flex.

Above is my subjective grading of the condition of the clubs. Chris struggled a little with the consistency, and this ultimately set the club back a little in the final reckoning. Both RAZR Hawk drivers are supremely forgiving and represent the best in Callaway driver technology—how could you go wrong with that?

Callaway Diablo Octane driver R.

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Click for more images. Skip to main content. With the Diablo Octane Tour, however, we noticed a huge difference between it and the standard model. Regarding feel, both drivers felt light and easy to swing.

This driver has been played with great frequen For the average golfer, an extra inch on the driver can mean up to 3 mph increases—equating to a possible increase of up to approximately 8 yards in total distance. Callaway Diablo Octane Tour Driver 9.