And where can i buy a modern one that is new and purchasable. Originally posted by takeru fyi: Will Scuba be able to answer this? I hope I answered the question right. Take a good look at the technical infos. The only half good implementation of BT is the Elsa Erazor III, but this card has so many driver issues that is almost impossible to work normal with it.

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Please someone clarify what I cchrontel understand, thanks. Fact is that my PC is not working like ch7007 should. If your BT samples are going to be much better than mine as you’ve stated chrkntel, then I’ll disegard everything I’ve read and saw until today. Ookami, your posts leave me with more questions to ask. Originally posted by takeru fyi: I would love to send you a sample anyway possible just to see what you say about it comparing it to your own caps with your hardware.

And a last note, these internet discussions cannot be objective and are always biased in one way or anotherso the best thing would be to go to a hardware shop and test those cards or to friends etc.


Pogo Linux: 1GHz for under $1000

Hopefully I can get some answers out of you or from someone else. Im having a hard time comparing capture’s here Find More Posts by kopelen. SCART mode, chronyel pin outputs the green signal.

However, an external CMOS clock can be. Any help on this for me would be greatly appreciated Fact is that I’m tired to write the same old stuff every week or so I agree with, Owen and Ivo, you should first try the new 10bit Conexant chips, as these could should?

The card run on computers from Mhz and up. I would certainly not believe myself. And where can i buy a modern one that is new and purchasable.

Thanks for the reply, Ookami. Sorry to repost so quickly but i found that the msi tv nywhere as you probably know has the 10bit ad converter.

I ch7007aa wondering if i could do the same via email or snail mail. You mentioned that the features that the VCR should have are: We offer a warranty on all items that we sold. Otherwise, we will state it in the invoice in advance.


CH7007A-T PDF Datasheet浏览和下载

Instead of checking first, I’ve wrote the names I’ve remembered, wich is not exact. Scuba, works with proffesional equipment. Scuba, check your PM’s.

I have some better chronttel more exact defintions, but not in the english language,I will not try to translate them. Fact is that the picture quality CAN be improved. As well as welcome you call us: As for “I’m wrong or not”, when I read my old posting, I’ve mixed up many firms and names of the chips. I suggest you to read this thread http: I really can’t find a single Asus GPU that does not have a conexant chip that is currently available for buy.

Chrontel electronic components, download datasheet | eet

The product that related to the CHA-T. I guess I’m going to have to wait. Crystal Output A parallel resonance Just to let you look it over and think what you will of it.