This really is a great driver! The red shaft will do this for you, lowering the launch angle by arriving at the ball with less tip deflection due to firmer tip and higher kickpoint. I bought the whole iron set, 3 to PW, plus D wedge, 3 wood and driver, as well as CG11 sand and lob wedge. Driver Fairway Wood Hybrid. If you are thinking about trying a HiBore, this is by far the best of the 4 HiBore generations and the only one to try. I seldom hit it further than , except with hard ground or a tailwind.

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I would be very careful of any Cleveland drivers on ebay. Cldveland of my drives were easily over had one land on the green that was and another just shy of yds. I may bite the bullet and spend the money and have it itted.

Spin will make the flight higher and keep the ball in the air. You can pick them up at a Target. Im smashing it around yards, somethin i couldnt do with my old driver nike sq! You can unsubscribe at any time.

Gotta hit it in the top half of the clubface. Also, what about the gold vs. Still, since you liked your old shaft, I recommend that you put your old clveeland shaft in if the hosel fits and try it. I hit a slight fade and am wondering if the XL is the way to go or spend he extra and buy the newer XLS Bought a demo XL 9. With this driver I feel confident of a dead straight tee ball, and usually get it, or else a tiny little fade that I like just as much.


Club is in very good condition. The weight and length of the XL Pro forced me to ease up a bit as I allowed the clubhead to catch up. Golf pride white grip in great shape. I bought my HiBore off the internet without trying it out, initially I clevwland to the Driving Range to try it out. I have been on launch monitors and at the range with various other drivers and shafts with limited results.

Cleveland Hibore XL Driver

Will update when I have played a few rounds. In most reviews their is good comments about the club but in reviews about the Taylomade Burner the golfers seem much more impressed with their driver. Any help I can get is tremendous.

I hit ball longer on driving range and looking forward to try it on golf course tomorrow! Good condition with normal use. I can hit my three wood off the fairway, also a HiBore with X shaft.

Only one complaint, the face is very hard and vibration is hard on the joints. The difference is the COR is too high —.


I am a very average golfer and previously have never had any confidence whatsoever when it came to my driving. Notify me of new posts by email. I give the Hi Bore XL a 1 rating best driver on the market. The distance you are getting now is even more than some tour pros. The Hibore XL felt the best, but I liked the set-up and appearance better hiobre the others too.

Cleveland HiBore Driver: Clubs | eBay

Go with the XL and my swing speed is The crown is in excellent condition with clleveland very minor marks and plenty of shine see pics. Other than that, I think I might just go test one out myself. My buddies laugh at me, but I now wear ear plugs when I tee off with this thing.

Of course, I am no Vijay Singh. Also thought the 8.