Moreover, with Compro exclusive Power Up Scheduled Recording, it can automatically boot up your system then record your favorite shows, and ComproDTV 2 will automatically shutdown your system when recording is completed. You may also use your mouse to press the cancel button. Besides, Compro Picture Purifying Technology built-in advanced noise reduction and de-interlacing provides crystal clear video quality of free-to-air digital terrestrial and worldwide analog TV. However, you can shorten the enabled and marked with the green list of enabled channels to reduce channel-browsing time. Making your PC a professional multimedia center is no longer a dream. Customize your list by enabling or disabling channels from the channel list by clicking on the green icon. Pure Power 11 im Praxistest

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The IR icon should turn bright when you press buttons on the remote. Gretel GT Test Video You will need to know some information on the transponder that you wish to scan first. You can mute or un-mute the sound of sub window s at any time.

The remote control sensor, which is plugged into the TV card, may be loose. Please check if there are any microwaves or lights that s350/e300 be doing this. Also you can press the mouse right button and move on the screen to shift the zoomed area of the image.


When you return to your seat, you can resume viewing the program from the point when you left.

Compro VideoMate S Series Satellite TV Card(S350/S300) Driver

IR Connect the IR receiver here. Before using autoscan, you may need to confirm the LNB connection and settings are correctly setup. It usually solves the problem. You may also press the Advance for commercial skip and Replay for instant replay buttons on the control panel or remote control to navigate through the program. Channel up and com;ro. When main window changes the channel to another frequency, sub window s will move to available programs of another frequency.

However, you can shorten the enabled and marked with the green list of enabled channels to reduce channel-browsing time. Composite Audio needs to connect to the Line-In port of your sound card. Alignment Window button will put sub window s into main window which is s305/s300 for you to watch multiple programs on full screen mode. Timeshifting lets you watch TV, pause live TV, or review your favorite scenes without missing a minute of the program.

Sub fech has no full screen mode. And most of the features can be controlled with bundled remote control. Watch TV programs on your notebook, rech full-screen mode or in a window.

If you don’t have ComproRemote on the system tray, start the following program: Empfehlungen Homepage-Baukasten von Wix. If you like to change it, click on the Password button. Press the Stop button to stop recording. If you see the Windows Logo testing message, you should ignore it gech press Continue Anyway to proceed.


Compro VideoMate S/ satellite TV tuner cards – Audio Visual – News –

By default, every available channel will be icon. If you have problems with watching, recording, or timeshifting live TV, please check the status of the drivers with Device Manager. You can press the Add Window button to open a sub window for that. It will definitely brings the most enhanced TV viewing experience to your PC.

Channel Surfing While watching TV, you can press the channel surfing button to multiple channel watching, the channel surfing feature displays a 4×4 grid of channel images to give you an overview of available programming. Furthermore, you can power up and shut down the PC with the bundled ergonomic design remote control. S350/ss300 can see the screen capture dialog as below. Note Running additional windows consumes more CPU usage.

Compro recommends choosing Complete. You can see the window below. If you still have problem with LNB settings, please contact your satellite dish provider for correct information.