For Technical information Contact us. Adjust the right sprocket gently to remove slack from the paper. It is important to use the correct paper for obtaining the best performance. The operator panel enables you to perform many of the printer functions including paper path selections, font selection and the printer setup. For Commercial information Contact us. The default value is 1 sec.

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Page 40 Function Enables or disables the printer.

Compuprint 10300 User Manual

Passing over to the Power-On Configuration At this point of the setup, it is possible to pass over to the Power On Configuration functions setting. Page 49 Emulation Options This setup defines the available options according to the selected emulation and is structured as follows: Display Messages The printer display is used to indicate the printer status or to request an user intervention.

Functions This item groups various printer functions, with which you can configure the printer. Printing The Self Test Compuprijt you need to know any printer setting, and to check if the printer is working well, print the self- test.

With the help of another person, remove the two foam shells on either side of the printer, the plastic bag covering the printer and the two carton strips.


Find the Front2 push tractor among the accessories. Compuprint plus combines performance and ruggedness of a Line Printer in a smaller layout. This number is represented by a decimal notation where the decimal values are divided by points in four fields. To unpack the printer proceed as follows: Y These items are self explaining. Why Shop at Sinca?


Compuprint 10300 Dot Matrix Printer

Slide the ribbon guide out of the print head. The paper can be loaded into the printer using different paper paths.

Press the key to scroll the setup languages. If your printer is installed on the optional Open the upper printer cover and remove the fixing strip from the print head and from the bail two strips. The Compuprint combines the performance and ruggedness of a line printer, while offering the paper flexibility and the superior print quality of a 24 pin serial matrix printer.

The Compuprintthough smaller than a line printer, has the ruggedness and performance of a line printer. Compuprint Specifications 2 pages. The fastest Serial Printer today available in the Printing World Compuprint plus combines performance and ruggedness of a Line Printer in a smaller layout PPH page per hour LPM lines per minute Million characters Print Head life Compuprint plus adopts enhanced and improved electronic and mechanical solutions that move the real print performance to an unbeatable level.

Make sure the printer has been turned off for compupriny least 15 minutes before starting any cleaning Periodic cleaning will help keep your printer in top condition so that it will always provide optimal performance.


Push the cartridge down gently until it clips into place at locking points. Such print performance combined with eight copies capability, dual tractors, wide range of barcodes, macrocharacters, emulations, interfaces and extraordinary global reliability make the Compuprint 100300 unique! Check if the paper perforation matches the tear-off bar on the printer.

PATH pressed automatically ejects the paper towards the rear of the printer. With the help of another person move the printer onto the transport foam on the transport pallet.

Compuprint | Impact Printers | Compuprint Series

Page 85 Main Structure Print out? The Front2 push tractor must be installed on the Front1 push tractor.

Compuprint Compuprint Selection of the Language of the Display Messages P. NO The printer setup is printed showing the currently selected values.

If you need to turn the compkprint on, press the power switch in the I position ON. If you press the key while powering the printer on, the Power-On Configuration is selected.