The only problem is that the multi-function devices of most brands do not work under free software, or, if you are lucky, they only print. Click the “download PPD” link. We let the audience choose one, look it up on Linuxprinting. This document is Copyright by Robert van den Aker. This leaves us with three choices: Overview page for HP’s printers, sorted by the support quality.

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foomatic-rip(1) – Linux man page

The PPD file is downloaded from linuxprinting. You can also compress it with gzip if you like. One of these external ghostscript filters is “hpijs”.

The extension must be. The astute will have spotted the “pcl3” device, foomativ “ijs” device, which is used by the hpijs ghostscript filter, and the “cups” device, which is used by the native CUPS filters, among the available devices.

Click the “download PPD” link.

The optional foomatic-filters package includes the foomatic-rip filter script from the www. Use the “Back” button of your browser to get back to the printer’s page. To work around some problems which GhostScript has with certain PostScript files especially from Windows clientsfoomatoc also the foomatic-gswrapper from http: The only problem is that the multi-function devices of most brands do not work under free software, or, if you are lucky, they only print. Retrieved from ” https: You find the device also in the backend device foomatix of the graphical CUPS interfaces, as shown with the web interface in Fig.


There is also one “recommended” driver from which we expect that it gives the best output quality. Articles needing additional references from September All articles needing additional references. I then installed the PPD for the “pcl3” driver, and that was much better, so I removed the printer that used the “cdj” driver and kept the “pcl3″ printer. After a moment when ” lpstat -t ” works again you can set up a print queue, either on the command line.

(II.) Foomatic from the User’s Point of View: Installing a Printer

This means you do not need to recompile ghostscript every time a new printer model comes out; you just update the external filter program. Check whether your desired driver is in the list of “Available devices”. If your printer is not supported by either of these driver packages, you may yet be able to find a Foomatic Cupss for your printer.

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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. With these queues the user will have access to the full functionality of the used printer driver and he gets a spooler-independent user interface so that he can operate all spoolers the same way. Make sure foomayic the file is world-readable:.


The most descriptive result was from a mailing list but did not seem to answer my question. So usually it is the best to use this recommended driver. The font paths of your current GhostScript you find in the end of the output of ” gs -h “, foomztic the “Search path” section.

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Every non-“Paperweight” printer entry has a list of drivers which support this printer Fig. In k ubuntu these 2 packages are cu;s exclusive and I am trying to work out which to install.

foomatic-rip(1) — cups-filters — Debian testing — Debian Manpages

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Overview page for HP’s printers, sorted by the support quality.

In the end we take the card of a digital camera of someone in the audience, read a photo into on of our machines, and print it. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

For printing and job management there is the ” foomatic-printjob ” command:. If the driver is missing, download it from the driver’s home page and install it.