Jawbone lets you pick from eight different voices that are available for download. Enjoy true wireless chatting – A complete wireless solution that gives you the freedom to walk around and multitask while chatting on Skype. It is the only headset I looked at that doesn’t come with an AC adapter, which means that if you don’t want to just charge it through a computer, you need to buy a generic USB power adapter. Mobile phone compatibility – When not in use with your PC, the EasyChat links directly with your Bluetooth-enabled mobile for convenient handsfree conversations. Posted on Dec 12, Be the first to answer.

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I then checked to see if the headset could be used on the left as well as the right ear. It has a beautiful spiral design, making it look like a piece of jewelry or a fashion accessory. Best iPhone camera apps. Answer questions, earn points and help others Answer questions. This means that you can walk around, say, a conference room and remain connected while still staying on the call.

The Stone2 is not only striking but lightweight — it weighs just. Excellent audio, long battery life, padded case, Bluetooth dongle, pauses audio when removed from ear.

Five Bluetooth headsets: Not just for phone calls – Computerworld

Despite this, the EasyChat sat firmly in my ear, and I was able to wear it comfortably for a few hours at a time. In one of the slickest designs I’ve seen, there are no volume buttons, either.

Power saving mode – Unique sleep mode only consumes power when chatting with Skype, reserving more talk time for later. To gauge how these five Bluetooth headsets perform, I gave them each a good workout with two phones a Sony Ericsson Wa and a BlackBerry smartphonean iPad and a notebook computer over a one-month period.


It also needs to be easy to use, with the ability to use voice commands to dial calls. View our privacy policy before signing up. It may not have the variety of apps provided by Jabra, Jawbone or Plantronics, but Motorola’s free MotoSpeak application can read e-mails and text messages as well as let you respond to them.

However, it comes with only one ear tip rather than the assortment that the others provide. You can also manually increase or decrease the volume by pressing the Talk button, which took a couple of seconds to kick in but worked well.

Five Bluetooth headsets: Not just for phone calls

Over the course of a month, I wore the headsets every day and made hundreds of calls with my phone, as well as with my iPad and my notebook, using Skype’s voice-over-IP service. Posted on Dec 12, Be the first to answer. As a result, it’s no surprise that headsets are the most popular Bluetooth accessory, according to ABI figures, with 80 million headsets sold worldwide inone quarter of which were sold in the U.

Tom Chichester Level 3 Expert Answers. Instead of a volume button, the ERA uses a sophisticated algorithm for keeping the volume at a constant level despite what’s going on around you. Skype Certified – Provides fantastic voice quality and ease-of-use.

This product is currently out of stock. Callers reported that at their end, words sounded broken up and at times weren’t understandable. The EasyChat connected on the first try with my phone but refused to link with my iPad because the headset doesn’t support Bluetooth’s A2DP audio streaming. I used the Vocalyst Weather app while I was on the road.


To make it louder or softer, just swipe your finger up or down the length of the device; a tone confirms the action. And the headset’s volume level never got loud enough to compete against wind noise or in a noisy environment like a supermarket. Of the headsets reviewed here, only the i. The CommandOne’s diminutive size is not at the expense of battery life. In other words, a headset today is essential equipment for anyone who spends a lot of time talking on a mobile phone. It’s comfortable to wear and had excellent audio, but the headset’s biggest shortcoming is that many of its coolest features won’t work on every phone.

Audio quality is a key concern, and with the headset connected to eaaychat phone, I made several calls and rated their quality in a quiet easycht and in a car with the windows open moving at 50 miles per hour. Itech Arrow Wireless Headset -7 Questions.

The Stone2’s ear loop can’t be removed, so the headset can’t be worn in the left ear. Regardless of which one I chose, I had trouble getting a good fit, and the headset always felt a bit loose — all Easychxt had to do was jerk my head from side to side to make it fling off.