You will then be asked to specify how you want to obtain the license. During the installation, you will be prompted for various pieces of information. At build time, a run path is inserted into the executable or shared objects. Why does make test for Perl DBD:: Other trademarks and registered trademarks appearing on easysoft.

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Other trademarks and registered trademarks appearing on easysoft. The License Manager displays a summary of the information you entered and allows you to choose the method of applying for your license. If a you already have a sample data source salesfogce by a previous Easysoft ODBC-Salesforce Driver installation, the existing data source will be displayed and you have the option to replace it.

Why do I get a license error stating the application was unable to create a semaphore when attempting to connect an ODBC compliant application limitee my Easysoft application? This disables readline support in isql. How do I transfer an Easysoft license from one Windows machine to another?

At the start of the installation, you will be prompted for an installation path. What do I do?

Easysoft ODBC-Salesforce Driver Knowledge Base Articles

For example, the following connection string connects to a Salesforce instance that requires the user to supply a security token. How do I use the Salesforce.


If you use a proxy server connect to Salesforce, use the Proxy attribute to specify this server’s details. You should ensure that nothing on your system is using Easysoft software before starting an installation.

The Unix installation instructions assume you are, or are able to consult with, a system administrator. For more information about security tokens, see Token.

You can order Easysoft software on CD. This is the name that your application will display when retrieving a list of tables and this is the name that you need to use in your SQL. The Easysoft ODBC-Salesforce Driver and any data salewforce that you add during the installation will be automatically available to your applications and interfaces therefore.

Why have Oebc not yet had a reply to the email I sent to autolicense easysoft.

How do I use the ODBC Driver to connect to my Sandbox?

The uri value specifed here is the one to use. Gathering Information Required During the Installation During the installation, you will be prompted for various pieces of information. Why do I keep getting data truncated errors in my Perl? If you need to query archived tasks and events therefore, enable the Show Archive attribute in your data source. This is because on some platforms, files in use cannot be replaced.

This installation script installs files in subdirectories of the path requested at the start of the installation, Depending on what is installed, a easyspft changes may be made to your system:. We disabled this because it ties isql to the version of libreadline on the system we build on.


This method always works and overrides the second method, described below. How do I upgrade my Easysoft license on Windows? Instead of emailing your details to Easysoft, you can enter them directly at the Easysoft web site and your license key will be limiteed to you automatically.

Easysoft ODBC-Salesforce Driver User’s Guide – Installation

The Windows installation can be carried out by anyone with local administrator privileges for the target machine. For example, a version of unixODBC installed by another Easysoft product, a version obtained from your operating system vendor or one that you built yourself. Supply the location where the software is to be installed.

How do I connect Oracle to Salesforce. There is no one correct setting for Local Filtering, it depends on how your application executes its queries. Note that you cannot license Easysoft products until either of the following is true:. API is not enabled for this Organization or Partner”?