When I plug it as usual Windows searches for a driver and installs it. Other remote controls and computers within range can also cause this issue. After it is installed there is a green light on the receiver and everything works fine, the remote came with the receiver works fine as well. Microsoft keeps closing the bugs I file as ‘cannot reproduce’ and The Google isn’t helping much. Did this solve your problem? Example of a TV tuner system with extender – controller on extender. I’ll keep this thread posted, one thing I’m mulling is trying win7 x86 instead of x64 to see if the problem happens in a bit environment as well.

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I’m not using any USB Hubs, just the slots on the tower. A receiver device can be external and attached to a long cord or it can be built into the computer case or media card reader.

eHome Infrared Receiver fails to start

It seems that doing an uninstall, power off is the only way I can reliably get things working again normally. I was experiencing other issues even in bit Vista when I had an external USB hard drive plugged into one of the Receier “stacks” that went away when I switched the jack the drive was plugged in to to be in the other “stack”.


It wouldn’t fix the problem, but at least you’d reliably be able to use the remote after Lnfrared.

Users Viewing Thread Users: I guess I should have been more clear on that. Tue Aug 04, 7: The Virtual Agent is currently unavailable. Found the original irbus. I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks like there are hooks for taking actions on all sorts of windows events including ACPI, new log entries, etc etc etc.

Discussion in ‘ Remotes ‘ started by drewsnoOctober 10, Analysis Success Analysis was successful. I have a couple of ATI cablecard tuners and noticed they had a problem when viewed in device manager also after resuming.

Example of a TV tuner system with extender – controller on tuner. Point the remote control at the remote sensor within a degree range, and less than 26 feet 8 meters away. Finally, I swapped my Bluetooth device to be plugged in on top of the new location for my eHome plug, and they both came up fine.

That’d be the first thing I try, go back to the latest correct bios for that board Definitely a good find. I have to dig in the event logs to see if there is some useful info.


Problem with eHome Infrared Receiver Driver – Microsoft Community

Close the software, restart the computer, and then re-open the software to solve this issue. Install IR-server suite, found in first post here: Thu Aug 13, How satisfied are you with this reply?

October 12, 5. An IR controller – electronics that interpret the signal and infraged to Windows. Europe, Middle East, Africa. No energy efficiency problems were found. It usually has a dark red plastic covering.

eHome Infrared Receiver fails to start | Parallels Forums

Microsoft keeps closing the bugs I file as ‘cannot reproduce’ and The Google isn’t helping much. The S3 sleep state consumes only enough power to preserve memory contents and allow the computer to resume working quickly. Thanks for the suggestion. Sun Jul 19, 3: Paranoid DelusionOctober 12, In reaching this goal we are working every day to make sure our software is one of the best.