It puts out mW and is a particularly sensitive radio. As with Mini-Mouse in its original form, you might have to click the buttons a couple times to make sure the unit is on and working. Drill a hole in your two-port mount housing. The Edison plug poked through the bottom of the bowl, where we simply screwed on another connector to keep it tightly attached. Two are connected to the metal pivot hinge.

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Lastly, I sealed the area between the ball bearing and the vinyl with hot glue. But this is, to my knowledge, the first self-controlled enenius router. Since the whole point of this hack is to replace the remote with Wi-Fi, it was an even better deal! I dngenius the SN, available from Acroname for five dollars at http: Carefully unplug the antenna connector, unscrew the card from the brass stand-offs, and remove the internal card. The WirelessDriver project lives on SourceForge at http: One popular model is the tiny Soekris net A friend of mine, Manny, decided to take it upon himself to do this part.

Removing the LCD Reflector.

Plug in the new card, and reconnect the antenna cable to it. The hardware construction of the AWS is complete at this point.


Figure shows an open WET11 with a Senao mw radio card and pigtail. This might be the ultimate hackable embedded system.


While you could put an access point in one of the enclosed shops in the building, coverage in the open area would likely be spotty at best. To avoid typing numbers into an SSH connection, I wrote a small Visual Basic program to simplify sending data to the car.

Cover the exposed leads on the EL panel with a piece of electrical tape. It had 10 wires coming out of it: Run this wire the same way the antenna wire is run. Then, screw together the two halves and replace the rubber grip.

Be careful not to lose the power button cover. This is a good idea from an aesthetic point of view, as well as for reliability and ease of troubleshooting.

The WET11 even has a crossover switch for the Ethernet side, making it simple to install, regardless of whether you are using flazh straight-through or crossover cable. The Linksys WET11 http: The three power cables from one side of the ATX power cable were ran through the tin and connected to the SMC card pins that drive the external motor, and the other side of the connector was wired directly to the motor.

Wireless Hacks, 2nd Edition by Roger Weeks, Rob Flickenger

My program modified the TCP server to send the output to my subroutine, which determines which byte was sent. Upgrade the Linksys WET The cement will stick to the LCD. Disassemble the MiniMouse by removing the two small mouse feet stickers flaash the rear of the mouse.


Some people choose to use a full-blown tower case with an old or Pentium processor as a combination access point and file server. Many types of flash media can be used as a standard IDE device by using a simple converter, shown in Figure I chose to house 2511-cg SMC card in a small metal tin, which gives the card protection when the lid is closed.

Be careful to keep track of any parts if they fly out during this step.

While this can help all of your wireless clients, most people ignore the need for a good antenna on the client side. Fortunately, there is hope. Please double-check the wirelrss connections on your mouse before proceeding using the multimeter and the two connections for each button, in case Targus has changed the MiniMouse main board:.