It does seem odd that every time someone cracks the code, we have to pay again! As a producer of software, it really is surprising how entitled a lot of people feel. Joshua Wickman Yes Sir! While I can appreciate this point, I will also say that for me this is not worth it as I migrate workstations only every few years usually and I use my software everyday once installed. If you don’t like it then don’t buy it or any plugins that use it! Hope it’s not true, my investment in some of these plugins will become worthless. Sep 7, Messages:

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Comes in very handy if you forgot to bring your dongle to a studio and you can simply connect to your ilok via a virtual USB port. If you don’t like fale then don’t buy it or any plugins that use it! There is simply no excuse for using such an antiquated and totally non–customer friendly method to authorize and protect software at this point in time.

Something about a moral pronouncement actually prevents people from doing “soft iloj strangely enough. If you didn’t bring your dongle – too freakin’ bad.

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Find all posts by danyg. Well, at least that’s the way I’ll choose to look at it unless someone can point out a flaw or several flaws in my thinking. Oct 28, Messages: That said, my only issue with the iLok is that Waves requires a separate way of registering, I understand Cubase users have their own Dongle which then starts taking up USB ports and so if others start doing that, unless they ALL fak “2 device registrations” like Toontracks does, then moving to a iilok system will be as major a hassle as installing a whole new OS or porting to a new computer.


Big reason to stay hardware.

Online validated and periodically checked software with keys works well enough for the entire rest of the software industry. Find all posts by made. Joshua Wickman Yes Sir! This site is supported by the advertisements on it, please disable your AdBlocker so we can continue to provide you with the quality content you expect.

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I won’t use any software that requires a dongle key period. Well, here I am with iLok1 useless and two iLok2’s useless?!? And the customer support, instant updates faake that everything works hassle-free is worth enough for me. I wonder what Slate will be doing next here.

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Yes, my password is: Do cars require you to pay for locks separately? You have everything from top end music production software like Ableton Live to Million dollar game franchises sold through Steam, MS Office and such and many other valuable software products successfully protected this way and clearly it works at least as well as the stupid ‘s dongle method.


But how do license and machine based protection systems do it? There are enough good ways to address this issue in a consumer friendly manner that this is simply stupid and outdated at this point. Avid Virtual Instruments iLok authorization. Otherwise my viewpoint may have differed.

Take away the Internet from them! Hope it’s not true, my investment in some of these plugins will become worthless.

For example ipok internet memes include deliberate misspellings of words, as well as variations on pictures: I only got an iLok 2 around 18 months ago when I became interested in the Slate products. Hardware all the way.

Fuck burning churches, lets burn down schools and. Any software can be cracked and there’s nothing you can do about it. Look at all the products out there that do not use iLok.