I’ll send you the. We understand thoroughly the needs of electric payment service of users and business in Vietnam. I undesrtand Dell has a modified Ubuntu version. Someone needs to compile new drives from the files as in method A At the moment this fails and the sl-modem-module is not created when installing with Synaptic, the install is successful if the install is done with sudo module-assistant auto-install sl-modem, sudo depmod -a The modem is then detected but fails on ATDT and does not dial out This problem was already noted in Breezy. Open a terminal and cd in to the slmodem folder or drag and drop in the terminal and select cd when asked.

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Matchless could you perchance update your old thread here saying that this one exists. There are a few errors when running make. But where are repositories?

This is the ideal way. I will think about downgrading to Dapper it’s not a great solution, I know, but pc is quite old and Dapper is still a Long-Term-Support version, while Edgy will be obsolete in a few months’ timeand that will mean re-downloading and installing all needed packages, which will take a looong time with a 56k modem.

What worries me is that there are also major differences in the source codes between the 2 drivers aside from the cosmetic patches we applied.

Here are the details for those new to this: Here I would suggest using Kppp the only reliable function that will always work to Query the modem fujirsu you are having problems. If anyone is willing to help I will do testing and post results, but at this moment in time with no help there is not much I can do it seems.


Using method B for the conexant modem I get the following errors. A Hardware acceleration supported, but has to be manually enabled in sax2. Someday i fujitsi get around to reinstalling it to see if that helps but im not too confident that it will. Slow with Xorg 7. Laptops still sell with conexant stuff, Acer aspire Z is an example.

You can also add W2 to the Init2 line to show the connection speed if required Now go to the console and type: I look for a modem, and post the model, if I get one. Hi, I will rewrite the howto as per my fuhitsu installation and will smattlink where possible.

A Can’t get the native resolution x to work. Once wvdial works you can try using gnome-ppp in both Kubuntu or Ubuntu. I will be a bit slow as I only go online via dialup in the evenings here.

Introduction of FAQ about scanning of FUJITSU Image Scanner fi-Series.

If your modem detects line carrier but you are rejected by your provider check connection log for details you’ll need to enable “Ignore terminal messages Stupid Mode ” on gnome-ppp settings. About the downgrade you suggested, Duncan. I’ve tried the Method A on my Ubuntu 6.

JavaScript is now enabled. I have edited the sl-modem-daemon file for my country – UK. These purchased drivers are said to be free, but the free version only supports speeds up to and if you want smartljnk 56k you have to pay.


Or perhaps driver can’t negotiate carrier with Italian provider. This may not be the definitive solution but meanwhile we would have our modem modules compiled and running on edgy. This method uses the latest packages from linmodems and the latest daemon on the Edgy repository or from the Debian repositories and works well.

Smart Link Modem Error (Amilo ) – Fujitsu Support Forum

And I can’t find any working method to solve this. The laptop has gone back to owner now, so i will have to wait til she messes up XP again I’m hoping it doesn’t happen, but if it does and you feel like experimenting with the modem again, PM me with the link to the thread. Providers and customers considered us to be one of the dmartlink leading companies in this market.

Hi Dell has Conexant drivers available for Hardy for download at http: I plug in the Install CD, but debhelper doesn’t install from here. Vendor ID’s that are suported are listed here: