Apparently Fujitsu knew this and created a recover connection utility Any trouble with the new one? Although using a CD is pretty clunky. March 2, at 8: Scanning then to quicken is not productive. Although if you already have Acrobat, maybe the year of Evernote Premium included with the Evernote edition is a better value. April 23, at 9:

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Thanks for responding, and for your valuable ScanSnap discussion here.

And either way, you just have them in a file somewhere, right? Is it necessary to get a desktop or will a laptop suffice if I save elsewhere? It is imperative that ScanSnap users comply with all applicable local rules and laws, including, without limitation, copyright laws when using this scanner.

ScanSnap S – Fujitsu Global

In order to do that, you have to plug it in or use a computer or mobile device to which it is already connected. January 18, at What is the Rack2Filer, a document management program. I had to disconnect it a few times to get it to work. This has been a very useful review. Any way around that? March 2, at 6: Since it has wi-fi, I would love to scan wirelessly to my computers, too.


Software Downloads: ScanSnap S / SM – Fujitsu Global

April 29, at 4: Use of a carrier sheet permits the scanning of A3, B4, double letter and photographs as well as the document sizes that are listed above. October 31, at 2: Does that mean you are getting ripped off?

Any Chance anyone knows when a new one is coming out. July 27, at Credit cards and drivers licenses go through this scanner just fine. Is the scanner software keep increase the file number after I removed some file from the target folder?

ScanSnap Manager (V5.5L10) Setup Program

I suppose I would define an accurate and reasonable quality scan as one that you can email easily, open easily, and can be read easily without issues about what certain words or letters are.

However, I did use it once upon a time, and it worked pretty well, and I can only imagine it has improved since then.

Thanks for your reviews! December 12, at 3: So when I go to court, I can put the CD to my laptop. My question fujits simple does this scanner work with IMAC? ScanSnap users are responsible for how they use this scanner.


This thing is a life changer. The ScanSnap is still a good price and the best scanner.

February 28, at 7: For example, the ix Advanced Operation Guide that I recently downloaded has on p. All scans inside a database… Not future proof. Nothing real high tech, but the recording of the information via a scanner would cut down on entry errors and time.

ScanSnap S1500

Thank you so much for your insight into this scanner. January 16, at 5: This is true for all scanners. Clean the inside of the ScanSnap according to the following procedure.