Yes, my password is: From that sweet bluesy growl to the howling lead lines of heavier genres, overdrive is a must have effect for the modern guitarist. I set my pedals and go. Try a Keeley BD-2 phat mod. Great quality, true bypass, that’s available from local stores. In the world of guitar pedals, Joyo has garnered quite the reputation. They do however come with a higher price tag.

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Ive played the OCD and its a good pedal, but its not some new invention and personally, Id rather use a Tubescreamer style pedal.

The first of the two small toggle switches is what gives this overdrive pedal so icd versatility, letting you switch between three different modes:. For these reasons, the Full-Drive2 is a very worthy entry in our top 5 overdrive pedals. From that sweet bluesy growl to the howling lead lines of heavier genres, overdrive is a must have effect for the modern guitarist. Fear not, we covered forum posts and recommendations for all playing styles, genres, and budgets – best overdrive pedal for bluesbest overdrive pedal for metalbest overdrive pedal for humbuckersbest overdrive pedal on a budgetand so forth.

Whether you should spring for one or not kind of depends on your existing “dirt” section of your pedalboard.


The Top 5 Overdrive Pedals – 2018 Edition

RockerXDXJan 1, I’d like to hear opinions on this. So, is the higher price of the Boss BD-2W worth it? For being so popular, the TS9 Tube Screamer is actually not very versatile.

Price is a non-issue between these three, so don’t focus on that. As we were hunting down forum threads about the best overdrive pedals, it quickly became apparent the Fulltone OCD Obsessive Compulsive Drive pedal is one of the most loved and most recommended overdrive pedals in existence.

OCD, Plimsoul or just get a BOSS OD-3? | The Gear Page

Help FAQs Go to top. Think of it like a treble control. What it DOES do You can get a pretty cheap used blues driver for like 50 60 bucks whereas an ocd will cost a bit more. In terms of purpose, neither of those pedals are meant bluees be used for all-out high-gain distortion. At its core, an overdrive pedal is pretty much rock and roll in a box.

NakedInTheRainAug 4, Just to give an example, say you use a Peavey Classic 30 which is voiced a bit darker than an average Fender Tube amp and Fender guitars which are generally pretty bright. I actually used an EQ pedal to dial some mids back in bluee using it on occasion. Log in or Sign up.


I can get OCD type tones from it. They do however come with a higher price tag.

5 Best Overdrive Pedals for Guitar [Dec ] | Equipboard®

For that, we prefer the versatility of a Fulltone OCD. Doesn’t matter the question, an OD-3 is always an acceptable answer.

Both are very well built but I would give the edge to Fulltone since it’s built in the US. The TS9 plays very well with an already distorted amp, and alongside other distortion pedalsletting you get that little extra something and really cut through the mix.

I need to attenuate the highs for sure. BrienAug 4, The mids should be scooped some, and I definitely need to preserve the lows Yes, my password is: We love it, and think it deserves a place on your pedalboard. All are longtime fulltine that stepped up to the invite to help out by volunteering their time and effort to help the membership ffulltone on TGP stay on the even keel.

Aug 3, 4.