Support does not increase far from it and no extra features can be added. The cheat system itself is very good. By continuing on this website, we assume that you agree to our general terms and conditions regarding our use of cookies. The bottom screen will show you the date, time temperature and file information while the top screen shows the actual menu or at least the “taskbar” side of the menu together with a file selection screen. Props to Infantile Paralysiser for creating this excellent program.

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DS Fire Link | F-Card NDS

The SuperCard team have clearly taken their time on designing the packaging for this revision of the SC-DS one and the result is really great. It ran everything I threw at it with zero lag. As for the carry case and USB extention cable, both are quite nice and of proper quality and are nice goodies. Chop down twice to turn on the torch. Writer consistent with a previous use, plug and play, in the XP system will by default to U disk, without any exterior drive, the system v6ds installs and identifies and saves you a lot of unnecessary trouble.

The first extra feature I want to cover here reafer “auto-boot or DS menu”. Additional features, such as action replay cheat support, multimedia options, soft reset and PassMe function will g6da extra fun. Thanks in advance for any worthwhile input into this matter.

Both work with clean dumps Both systems are capable of playing video files dpg however the SuperCard team have decided to use Moonshell as a basis for their OS as opposed to the G6team who use it as an extention.


All games i tested worked just fine. As for the “patching” options both units are capable to run games unaltered, patched-on-card for things like “in game reset”, cheats, slowmotion. And obviously, the makers of the G6DS Real is the G6 team, who are known to produce high quality products, and stand behind their products for a very long time.

May 28, New York. Inside the box we find a plastic holder for the components inside: The touchpod menu is skinable but unfortunately the G6DS Real needs more skinners. Software Downloads Permalink Comments: Yes indeed the 2GB is cheaper if we keep in mind the double storage capacity. By going to the “Boot” section in the pull down menu you get two options.

It IS however different then inserting an original game. The careful movie card product old user also can discover that, the new contact surface chart sign position, the menu content, the hot key definition and so on all according to used needs to carry on the adjustment with the operation custom, like this was enables other brand card belts the user also with ease to begin.

Reader Hide similar threads. By repeatedly pressing the button you can set any of the current savetypes which you can then save to the database by pressing the “SAVE” button which has just popped up.

I find the game plus software only twelve, because there can not turn pages, and car only twelve games?


G6DS Real for NDS Roms Review

This unit also has a chip sticking out in the middle of the sticker but here too there is not much difference in thickness with a normal DS card. A bit of disappointment is the fact that G6DS Real USB linker does not allow you to backup real game carts nor connect other flash kits and write to them.

Compare DS Flash Cards. The G6DS Real has no real software for itself as it is drag and drop. The best feature however is the in-game cheat menu!

G6DS Real FAQ | G6DS Real 8Gb & 16Gb

If your cart ever has its system folder deleted or get corrupted, the G6DS Real has a very minimalist loader that can run games. Settings allow you to change the skin. The G6DS Real is very high quality, and all the accessories are also high quality. All of their products were high in price, and also some of the best carts ever, even today, they remain an excellent choice.

Dark blue Internal memory: Let your NDS into a mobile hard disk, FAT format document management, Game full copy, and paste, and more can be added geal deleted.

Multi saver will let you create up to 4 save files that part of the interface is however touch only.