It is much more likely a “user” error, as it only happened the once. What do you get? With the two screen shots below I was in some pretty extreme locations for GPS reception. When I started testing the GPS receiver qualification had not been achieved, this has since been accepted on 25 June The GlobalSat comes with just about everything you will ever need.

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G,obalsat in reality it is almost identical in size to the Emtac except that it is a bit deeper, this additional depth caters for the extra size of the battery.

To the left you can see the power switch and the power input socket.

This sort of performance is not achieved by well known dedicated handheld devices!! If I did not then the PDA would lock and a soft reset would be required.

At some stage in the future we will organise some comparative testing of all Bluetooth GPS receivers. The status can be checked on the Bluetooth Qualification List.

I have found that no matter which GPS receiver I am using allowing it to get a good strong fix before venturing into marginal signal areas will always give you better reception. Read on to find gobalsat. The battery indicator is red when the charge is low and orange when charging, all other times it is off.


Now this was not on trickle power, the was continuous as far as I can tell. Essentially the BT consists 3 modules: Especially as the Emtac had a smaller battery and achieved 8 hours in my test environment. Still a comfortable weight to carry in a pocket or bag. I then got another receiver out and found that that could not get a fix either.

DELL BT-309 bluetooth (Globalsat BT-308)

I reset the receiver and tried again and still no fix. This is a push socket which allows the supplied external aerial to be connected. Starting on the left there is the power switch, followed by the dc input connector.

What is is like to use. This uses the same voltage and connector as your iPAQ so the same AC adapter can be used to charge both devices. Sitting here writing this review the BT GPS is sitting on my windowsill and has a strong seven satellite fix.

One big plus with this package is that the retail box comes with absolutely everything in it. All official Bluetooth products must go through the Bluetooth Qualification Program. It is much more likely a “user” error, as it only happened the once. The GlobalSat is a very sensitive receiver, and seems to hold fixes well under most circumstances. This again is shielded, this time with copper foil. In this case the fix stabilised and reported the correct position with a fix on only 2 satellites.


The reason for this will become apparent soon. Having made the decision to open the GPS I thought that it would be silly not to take some pictures to show you what they are made of.

I was out for a long day that day and the battery drained. The Satellite Fix indicator is solid green when not fixed and flashing green when fixed.

DELL BT bluetooth (Globalsat BT) – OpenStreetMap Wiki

I was beginning to wonder If I had set the receiver up correctly as I had not seen a differential fix in all my testing up until then. I put it through some pretty nasty environments, where you would expect a GPS to fail, and it did, but it surpassed my expectations.

What does it look like. At the top of the left hand of the case you can see the lenses which transmit the indicator lights. The biggest plus point here by far is the battery life, which really brings long days activities into easy reach. When I started testing the GPS receiver qualification had not been achieved, this has since goobalsat accepted on 25 June