Identifying Parts Of The Notebook Troubleshooting And Maintenance My computer allows me to connect an ethernet cord to it and the router and use the internet that way. See Managing your wireless network connection. Intervideo Windvd Player Removing An Optical Disc with Power

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Removing The Audio Pca Using Default Power Settings Connecting The Modem Not all computers have a built-in wireless device.

Disconnecting The Speaker Cable Replacing Small Parts Resources to enhance your wireless user experience are paviljon on the HP Web site athttp: References 3 Columbia University: Thanks Futoji for the prompt response. If it is Offright-click the icon and select Open Wireless Assistant. Operating Your Notebook Playing An Optical Disc To Use The Touchpad Start this connection automatically Select this wiifi if you want the computer to automatically log on when it is in range of the wireless network.


To Change The Boot Device A yellow asterisk on the icon indicates that the computer detects a network but is not connected. Removing An Optical Disc with Power Preparing For Software Wiffi Connecting The Audio Repairing The Operating System Inserting Digital Memory Cards Follow the steps below to set up your WiFi connection.

Set Up Windows Keyboard And Pointing Device Problems Adapters And Battery Pack Keyboard And Pointing Device If you have changed the operating system OSdownload and install the pavioion version of the wireless network device driver and the HP Wireless Assistant for your model and OS.

Click Turn On to enable the device. If there is no icon, click Starttype hp wireless assistant into the Search field, and then click HP Wireless Assistant in the search results. The original factory image of the HP computer has the required drivers for the built-in wireless network device wii the HP Wireless Assistant.


Use the back-arrow button to return to the previous window. Try the above and let me know how this goes for you. Resetting The Notebook Troubleshooting Your Notebook Select your network’s security type pagilion encryption type.