Help me find a SATA controller card? So I tried it again with this option disabled. In this case, the actual P-ATA function is hidden from system software i. Visit the following links: The chip had full support for ACPI 2.

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The most important innovation was the support of USB 2. I had this problem using the -generic kernel, too, so it doesn’t appear to be specific to the -lowlatency kernel.

I/O Controller Hub

The usage model for this register is described in subsequent sections. In particular, when connecting USB devices via front panels, the chips died by discharges of static electricity. Accordingly, starting with the Intel 5 Seriesa new architecture was used that incorporated some functions of the traditional north and south bridge chips onto the CPU itself, with the remaining functions being consolidated into a single Platform Controller Hub PCH.

Open Source Consulting Domain Registration. It supports various interfaces to “low-speed” peripherals, and it supports a suite of housekeeping functions. This indicates that a SATA device on port 0 behaves as a master device on the logical secondary channel and a device on port 1 behaves as a master device on the logical primary channel.


What the hell is going here? To insure backward compatibility with existing software, BIOS is not permitted to dynamically select a ifh5. Device presence detection is beneficial to system software as this can greatly reduce boot times and resume times from S3 and below.

While the boot CD is loading it loads the ich5 driver.

MV register with values other than those specified above will result in undefined hardware sara. Please verify your disc controller is being properly probed at boot time.

This is controlled via the Programming Interface register.

It is designed to be paired with a second support chip known as a northbridge. It had pins. This document also describes functions that the BIOS and the OS shall perform in order to ensure correct and reliable operation of the platform. I don’t know which module I shuold use?

It may change at any zata. Retrieved from ” https: Tue Oct 11, Because this time can very short e. Could anybody give me a tipp for using “old” USB 1 things?


Ata piix – ata Wiki

The specification updates contain information relating to the latest programming changes. Fri Oct 22, 3: System software shall first disable the port and then re-enable it. This is especially useful if hardware designers require a change in the location in PCI configuration space of the PCS register due to silicon stepping requirements.

Forest Bond forest-bond wrote on The ICH4 was Intel’s southbridge for the year When set, the SATA host has detected the presence of a device on port 1. This page was last edited on 11 Octoberat Figure 5 illustrates this configuration: In this case, the actual P-ATA function is hidden from system software i.

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