Navigate to the directory containing the appropriate configuration file, select the file, and click Open. This involves the following steps: Report it now — asterlan. Use the Default Crystal Reports field to specify the default location of reports. One cache file directory stores the cache files for each PeopleSoft database that you use. If you change the packet size, make sure to make the corresponding changes to the Sybase server. Test the data source to verify the connection.

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This check box is clear by default. The wizard displays all the worksheets in the source Excel file under the Tables node in the list of available objects.

On a new Windows process scheduler install, there are a few steps required to get PeopleSoft nVision working. Specify a name for the range. For example, if your display size is set to by pixels, and you open a page designed to display in an by pixel window, the page controls are scaled down so that all page information appears.

Generate level 2 tracing plus runtime SQL statements. Installing SQR locally results in improved performance; over a slow network connection, the improvement is significant. Create a mapping in the module that contains the target table. Here, sqlsource is the name of the data source that you specified while creating the ODBC data source.

Click Test Connection to verify the connection details. Sending the messages to a log file is useful for debugging purposes. This ensures that the exported configuration file reflects the current settings. ODBC is listed under the Databases node.


Delimit the Data in the Excel File Optional If you want to delimit the data to be imported from the Excel file, then define a name for the range of data being sourced: The fields cannot be empty. The connect ID edit box must contain a value, or the user inztalling sign in to the system in a two-tier environment.

Understanding How to Run Client Setup

When you run the Client Setup process, it removes existing shortcuts in the PeopleSoft 8 program group and installs shortcuts for the applications that you have selected.

Select SQL Server as the driver for which you want to set up the data source. Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page peoplesfot licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.

The trace log files are generated in the c: Although you can implement applications to appear in other languages, you cannot switch to custom languages using PeopleSoft Configuration Manager. Select to specify peoplseoft the standard out or standard error of the child COBOL process is directed to a file. Specify whether the authentication should be done at the Operating System level or at the server level.

You must have already configured your application server and registered it on the Profile tab. When a request is received, the agent spawns a Heterogeneous Services agent. When selected, the User ID check box is automatically selected, although you can clear it.


As with the database type, you must select the appropriate option in the User Can Override group to enable users to override the default database name selection when they sign in.

Closes PeopleSoft Configuration Manager without saving any changes that you have made. See Configuring Developer Workstations. Use this command when you do not want to install the PeopleSoft ODBC driver on the client workstation when using the -setup command.

To enable users insatlling change their database type selection in the signon dialog box, you must select the Database Type option in the User Can Override ibstalling. This section provides overviews of the PeopleTools development environment and the client setup process and discusses how to:. Case Study This case study shows you how to use an Excel file called employees.

peoplesoft admin dba: crystal installation in peoplesoft

Use the Display tab to configure the appearance of the PeopleSoft graphical user interface. Click here to edit contents of this page. In Microsoft Windows applications, pressing the Enter key in a dialog box selects the default action button.