They are heavily damped and it works great for bass, but maybe not so much for the highs? Did you find this review helpful? It is in pretty good cosmetic condition. I wanted to make sure this was not rusted up inside. But she has what you want inside!

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Serials and Both are Tested and Guaranteed to work. These things were built to last and it’s going to be really exciting to see how they fare in terms of sound quality.

Driver weighs about 30 pounds. If you are picking the item up in person we do not compressiion PayPal. Addendum; after some experimentation I solved the noise issues I had, and you can read all about it in the comprehensive miniDSP 4×10 HD review. Others who read Huge horns and large format compression drivers from JBL also read.

Click the”Enlarge” tab to view all 9 pictures for details. These have been tested and work fine. I also have 2 more aluminum jbl horns But is this a default?


Speaker Drivers & Horns – Jbl J Compression

Adding was a huge improvement in the highs compared to doing and up all alone. Made with in Austin, TX. To ensure light weight, superior strength, and freedom from resonances, the horn bell is constructed of molded structural foam. The J has a 2″ throat with 4 bolt pattern. Click for custom studio furniture and acoustics.

User reviews: JBL J – Audiofanzine

The Bi-Radial compound flare configuration provides constant coverage over defined, solid angles. We will ship in heavy duty packaging.

They were recently removed from a local mega church. Well it is pretty amazing sound IMO.

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Here is the spec sheet for these marvelous horns. But when we put a meter on it, it read 8 ohms so we believe that the diaphragm has been switched out. Please check out my other auctions.

I pushed the compression driver to the limit and set a second order filter at Hz, that improved things greatly, but it seems like I need to improve upon the enclosure one of the ‘s sits in. There are a couple of very small scratches on the exterior casing. If you purchase more th. JBL pair with horn flares from record producer Martin Hannett’s cache. The need for horn overlapping is minimized and lobing and comb filter effects are virtually eliminated.


All JBL original parts in great condition. Please visit us on the web! Not the prettiest but it works.

I would do it without hesitating choice. I describe every item as best I can. Click the”Enlarge” tab to view all 12 pictures for details.

Including items sold as 245j in box, only come with the accessories listed in the auction description. I ship Monday through Friday. Pair of JBL J 16 ohm 2″ exit high frequency compression drivers.