Easy record — 16 tracks — SMF format. Pa80 Style to Midi PC: After using floppy disks for several years, I always looked at them as unreliable way to move or store any data. What styles come on each i Series disk? Most of the functions, the selections and the settings are easy to do and intuitive.

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It is excellent pa5 equipment that will be nice addition for background music when shooting my YouTube movies. On the left of keyboard is the Joystick used for various music effects and controls.

Additionally to the two replayed songs at once, the keyboard is fully usable for replay of any instrument, that makes the synthesizer amazingly powerful for even complex compositions. Since I love listening to various genres of music, I always wanted to have professional equipment for composing and producing music at home.

Yamaha YPG Keyboard You won’t be disappointed if you own the PA I use the PA to play middle eastern music, it accurately plays the styles beats and the sounds of the instruments are good.

Black and white Wide Custom Display. Lyrics embedded in SMF sequences are shown in the Display.

KORG Pa50 (Music synthesizer)

SD Secure Digital data cards. There are also several real time effects that can be performed on the MIDI songs. When replaying two songs at the same time, the disk loading is more than obvious. The excellent audio and music capabilities of the Amiga, introduced my interest in electronic music, audio sequencing, synthesizing, tracking, mixing, arranging and composing.


Mastering music instrument can take many years. The use of SD data cards also makes it much more convenient to share and store data on a computer. Pa50SD Quickstart Guide all: The Pa50SD combines enhanced sequencing functions, powerful performance features, custom backlit LCD, comprehensive arranging tools and impeccable sound quality. For 50 BGN I bought a stand for the synthesizer, so I can place it everywhere in my office, without the need of extra table.

The synthesizer is not very easy to move and transport, but it is professional music instrument, that can be used alone for public performances and parties. The synthesizer can replay two MIDI songs at once or mix them, thanks to the slider control on the center under the display.

KORG Pa50 (Music synthesizer)

Eight parts, four Variations, two Fills, two Intros and two Endings per Style provide all you need to create a natural-sounding performance. Downloads of software updates, owners manuals and FAQs are available for free as they are released!

Most of the functions, the selections and the settings are easy to do and intuitive. HI synthesis Hyper Integrated synthesis system 62 voices, 62 oscillators Korf with resonance.


Up to two musical instruments or audio replayers can be connected to the synthesizer, that will act as a mixer of pa550 several audio inputs. Above the keyboard is the control panel where the keys for music arrangement are placed.

For performances in front of more people or bigger halls, connection to korb hi-fi systems is recommended. After using floppy disks for several years, I always looked at them as unreliable way to move or store any data. Only after some hours of usage, I was able do remixes, change styles, select tempo and include effects into my amateur music performances.

It takes around twenty seconds to initialize the iorg and boot in fully usable form. By pressing the style keys on the left I easily select my preferred background sound, while on the right I have a huge selection of built-in and user generated instruments to choose.

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