Just as impressive was the lack of soundstage constriction. Thus, low bass could be weightier and more precise. Want Even More Master Switch? Sonically all are impressive—mini-miracles if you will—yet the Meridian is a little more intrepid dynamically with a dimensional complexity that makes it stand apart. Pictures can often deceive regarding real size and proportions.

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Having connected the DAC to a computer via a regular USB portthe unit is ready to take over all audio playback duties from your existing sound card. As for packaging, the DAC comes in a fairly thin box – a bit like a box of chocolates, but in this case featuring a large picture of the DAC in question. The Explorer2 is one of the first portable DACs to support MQA Master Quality Authenticated files – a lossless file protocol ensuring mastering-grade audio but with a smaller footprint.

Everything we do is geared towards creating bigger, better sound. It had an almost Japanese aesthetic to it, with the Explorer2 nestled in a black compartment, the accessories underneath it.

Strings soared more effortlessly; the acoustics of the venue were more immersive. They are just about as simple as audio equipment gets. It handles MQA, doubles as a headphone amp, and delivers block-rocking sound quality. You plug them in, turn your device on, and music comes through. Again – bags of top end clarity, mellow but tight mids and round, organic-sounding bass… All in all, very capable audiophile performance that will do justice to any high-fidelity material.


The overall impression is one of a stylish, minimal and very twenty first century approach to presentation. A simple DAC upgrade can do wonders for your audio playback, as for example, a 4K-capable TV might change your movie viewing experience. The second mini-jack out is a Line Out – reserved for connections with stereo ampsfor example. The first is a headphone out, featuring a powerful analog headphone amp 0. Sonically all are impressive—mini-miracles if you will—yet the Meridian is a little more intrepid dynamically with a dimensional complexity that makes it stand apart.

Apart from a truly stunning audio performance it accepts digital streams Coaxial and Optical as well. Learn More About Personal Audio. Still, setup of the DAC is relatively straightforward.

Even so, perspective please! The Explorer also brings expressive midbass to the streamer segment, with sturdy timbres and purer, cleaner dynamic punch.

Fortunately, we’re here to help, with our full guide to this audio topic. Anyway, it sold around three hundred and sixty million units. Remember mmeridian very first iPod from seventeen years ago?

Meridian Explorer USB DAC

The MyTek Cleffor example, is only a touch more expensive than the Explorer2, and handles both MQA conversion duties as well as being an excellent headphone amp. The combination of color-coding and individual light-ups makes for an easy, at-a-glance way to judge audio quality. Everything you need to know about headphone emridian.


The Explorer marks a shrewd opportunity to spread the gospel of high-quality portable sound to a much broader read: Based on audio performance alone, the Director DAC smokes most of its similarly priced competition out of the water. audil

Meridian Support – Configuration Tools

You can read more about MQA and other related audio formats here. The contents are smartly meeidian and, aside from the DAC, you will find a printed manual booklet, containing simple but thorough instructions and spec figures.

You wouldn’t expect headphones to need any special equipment to work.

A series of tiny ysb2 along the outside of the case indicate incoming resolution. Read more about us. Everything flows into it, and everything flows out of it Dreams of a true budget-level item from this firm would seem as unlikely as high tea without finger sandwiches.

An amp should be the center of your hi-fi world.

Sure, but no major complaints.